Forming a Relationship with The Unseen World

Forming a Relationship with The Unseen World
Continuum Teacher and podcast host Sharon Weil talks with Suzanne Wright Crain about the relationship with the unseen world for connection and belonging.

April 16, 2020

Forming a reciprocal relationship with the seen and unseen world can provide us with a rich sense of connection that enhances our sense of safety and belonging. Visual artist and Continuum somatic educator, Suzanne Wright Crain, uses play theory and the imaginal realms in her art, in her teaching, and in her life. She looks and listens for cues that can become guidance for greater health and wellbeing, and encourage lightheartedness, even in times of stress and uncertainty. In conversation with Continuum teacher and host, Sharon Weil, on Passing 4 Normal podcast.

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