The Creativity of Health Interview by Watermark Arts

The Creativity of Health Interview by Watermark Arts
“On so many levels, I am convinced my practice of Continuum is what has allowed me to live for 9 years with a fairly advanced level cancer diagnosis.”

April 21, 2020

Bonnie Gintis, osteopath, author and Continuum teacher learned how to have a relationship with cancer. This ability, fostered by her Continuum practice, has changed both of them. To Bonnie, health is no longer the opposite of disease, it’s not about resolving something that’s wrong in the body. Health is the full expression of the nature of the body, which is movement. In her early days of osteopathy school she embarked on a self-directed curriculum of finding in her own body what she was being taught to feel in other people’s bodies. This did not only bring her studies alive, it also helped her make connections with people and beyond. Healing adaptability is no different in what happens in the planetary process and the human body. A form of health care that understands and can work in accord with the way nature expresses itself through the body, opens up tremendous potential.

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