Alchemy of Eros ~ Living the Song of Creation

Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Alchemy of Eros ~ Living the Song of Creation
853 Merrimon Ave,
Asheville, North Carolina, USA
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Eros is the movement of Love, a song of resonance traveling through the Universe invoking union, creativity and new forms. It is foundational to our essential nature and determines our ability to engage with ourselves, each other and the world. In order to have access to Eros, one must be able to feel it and receive it at a deep, energetic level. The speed & compression of modern culture shuts down our innate capacities to embody the nourishing and self supporting tides that Eros constantly offers.

A deep well of Eros is at the core of an individual’s spiritual nature. This is one of the least understood and most feared aspects of our modern culture, forging an enormous schism in our psyche and being. It is the primary healer inherent in our organism, the necessary ingredient that exhilarates self, enlivens our tissues, restores our vitality and nourishes our passion, all of which are paramount to our health. Eros opens the field of the heart, igniting the Love we are and allowing the flow through of spirit to embody and emanate.

This workshop is an inquiry into our erotic nature, parsing out and broadening our concepts of sexual nature and sensuality. Moving beyond preconceived ideas and superficial notions of sexual nature, we allow ourselves to discover the universal tides of Eros. These tides open our imagination and expand a capacity to inhabit our bodies more fully and reclaim our primal birthright to pleasure and wholeness.

Through the potent art of Continuum and other symbiotic practices, we cultivate new territories of embodied consciousness, eradicating stagnation and fear. In the alchemy of self inquiry, sensate awareness and movement, we arrive in the landscape of Love and claim the full expressivity of our unique song of Creation.

Friday, October 4, 7 - 9; Saturday, October 5,  9:30- 5:30PM;

Sunday, October 6,  9:30 - 3:30

Veda Studios, 853 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC

No Experience Necessary

Fee: $225  

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