Continuum Training 2020/2022 - Module 4 — Embodiment and the Creative Process

Berlin, Germany
Continuum Training 2020/2022 - Module 4 — Embodiment and the Creative Process
Somatische Akademie
Berlin, Germany
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Continuum is a somatic approach through which we can inquire and learn to tune into our bodies as living events, as an ongoing orchestration of communication and resonance, as creative intelligence operating in every cell.

We can experience that we are movement and that the movement we are can inform the movement we do. We can also experience direct sensory contact with an all-pervasive regulatory dynamic.

To do so, we use breath, sound, subtly dynamic movement stimulation and a receptive, sensory state of attention. This allows us to notice movement impulses that arise from within. By consciously allowing these movements, we support complex, self-regulatory processes that are often accompanied by mental and emotional clarity, a sense of nourishment, connection and safety often described as "coming home". We shift our conventional, rational orientation from linear thinking to a more multi-directional embodied state of body-mind thinking, that can feel pleasurable and connect us to more wholeness and wisdom.

It can improve our sense of connection, range of mobility and general sense of wellbeing. Trust, contentment, joy and new perspectives emerge from within.

Dates 2020/22:
Module 2: 15.- 18. October 2020 - Self-love and Self-efficacy with Rosemarie Kussinger-Steffens (Germany)
Module 1: 11.- 14. February 2021 - Values, Principles, and Methods of Practice with Mary Abrams (USA)
Module 3: 06.- 09. May 2021 - with Beth Pettengill Riley (USA)
Module 4: 21.- 24. October 2021 - Embodiment and the Creative Process with Robin Becker (USA)
Module 5: 03. -06. February 2022 - Living from the Heart: Embryology and Embodiment with Cherionna Menzam-Sills (USA)
Module 6: 05. -08. May 2022 - Embodied Flow System: Adaptable, Resilient, Relevant & Responsible with Megan Bathory-Peeler (USA)
Module 7: 11. -16. October 2022 - Versatility, bringing inner Practice to outer Expression with Jane Okondo (UK)
Module 8: TBA - Depths of Relating // Initiation (6 days + Overnighter) with Kai Ehrhardt (Germany)

Single Module: 425 €
Cost of full program: 3400 €
10 Installments full program: 10 x 340 €
20 Installments full program: 20 x 180 €

For those who repeat:
Entire Continuum training: 2400€ for 34 days
Single Continuum module: 350€

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