Membership in the CTA

The Continuum Teachers Association is a membership organization wherein we share a love of teaching, learning and evolving the practice of Continuum. We recognize each member as a carrier and developer of the evolving insights and processes of Continuum. We are an umbrella organization that supports and nurtures the continuing growth of Continuum teachers and their individual businesses.

Becoming a CTA Member

We are excited that you have interest in becoming a CTA Member. We look forward to reviewing your journey through the mentoring process to discover your love of this work, and to meeting you as a teacher in one of our gatherings or through the virtual world. If you have interest in teaching this life changing work, and have not been through a mentorship with one of our amazing teachers, we look forward to helping you get started on your path. 

We, as an Association, do not have a mentoring program. There are, however, CTA Members who offer mentoring within their personal businesses. Please look at the Teacher Profile pages to see which CTA Members offer mentoring. Individual mentors will have their own specific requirements for their mentoring process.

Being mentored by a CTA Member does not guarantee entry into the Continuum Teachers Association.

Benefits of Being an Active CTA Member:

  • Associate within a lateral organization of dynamic and dedicated Continuum Teachers.
  • Actively participate in the decision-making process of the Association.
  • Ability to attend and take part in inspiring CTA gatherings worldwide.
  • Worldwide profile and ability to advertise Continuum events on CTA website.
  • Contribute to and receive CTA updates. 

  • Full access to the CTA Members-only website known as the Teachers’ Lounge.
  • CTA is an Affiliated Professional Membership Organization of the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA). For more information, click here.

CTA Entry Requirements

Please note that entry into the Continuum Teachers Association will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  1. A person applying to become a member of the CTA must be represented by a mentor who is a CTA Member in good standing.  
  2. The Applicant, at the end of their mentoring process, will either: A) Create a teaching video that is viewed and accepted by their mentor and four other CTA Members. B) Prepare a live teaching presentation.
  3. When it is agreed by the reviewing CTA Members that the applicant is ready to be welcomed as a CTA Member, the Applicant will submit to Membership a written summary of their process of becoming a CTA Member.
  4. Associate with other Members at CTA Gatherings.
  5. Attendance at the annual State of CTA Virtual Business Meeting.

Requirements for Membership

  1. Read and agree to CTA Vision/Mission/Values, CTA Dynamic Governance Structure and CTA Code of Ethics. (Find "Our Essential Documents" below.)
  2. Pay Dues. When new Active Members enter the Association, they will pay the initial dues of $400, no matter when they become active. In subsequent years they will pay the same annually reviewed and established amount for all Active Members. 
  3. Participation. Using the analogy that our Association is like a living organism, the new CTA Member joins the mycelial network of our Continuum Body and contributes through active participation in the Association’s activities and development.
  4. Attendance at a CTA Meeting or Regional Gathering of three or more teachers, preferably annually, but at least every 2 years.
  5. All Active Members are responsible for their own Professional Liability.  

To begin a personal conversation about joining the CTA, please contact the Membership Coordinator directly at