What is Continuum?

Continuum is an approach to exploring how we live in, and move through, our bodies. Continuum is a portal to a deeper awareness of, and connection to, embodiment, movement, learning, growth, well-being, and creativity. Attention to internal experience through breath, sound, meditative awareness and fluid movement expands our experience of embodiment and opens us to new possibilities of inhabiting our bodies and expressing ourselves through them.

It is challenging to define or describe Continuum without having a direct experience of it.  The following summary of Continuum’s basic principles and practices is intended to spark your curiosity and inspire you to find out for yourself by attending a class or workshop.

In a Continuum class, emergent ideas, potent images, or interesting themes set the ground for movement exploration. Different movements are combined with breath and sound to encourage embodied, mindful exploration of the idea, image or theme. We often change our relationship to gravity to invite new internal feedback and information. The pace of a class may be quiet, slow, and meditative, with participants exploring nearly invisible micro-movements. A class can also be fast and lively with a room full of bodies moving in large wave-like, spiraling motions. Continuum fitness classes combine sound, music and fluid movement to create aerobic activities using weights and other exercise props and equipment. A class may be composed of a group of any size, ranging from two to several hundred. 

Continuum as a regular practice can become part of a person’s daily reality and many students observe shifts in all the ways they move in the world. The sensibility of Continuum can inform and influence our physical activity, behaviors, feelings, thoughts, daily actions and lives. Continuum contributes to the field of health and movement education by providing a varied spectrum of movement modalities for all people. 

This practice has applications in countless areas of personal and professional life: healthcare, science, bodywork, meditation, psychotherapy, spiritual practice, business organization, group dynamics, education, dance, artistic creativity, performance, sports and fitness, etc. Continuum invites passionate and intimate participation in the myriad ways we engage with our own lives and converge with the lives around us.