Continuum Playground

The practice of Continuum invites us to explore our intrinsic nature as fluid and creative beings. Continuum Playground is the dynamic aspect of this inquiry where, through fun and playful exploration, we redefine the notion of fitness, strength, core, and flexibility.

Continuum Playground increases vitality, awakens creativity and play, reduces physical limitations, enhances fluidity and strength, enlivens our bones, and facilitates trust in the body’s wisdom. It is appropriate for all body types, levels of health, and exercise experience.

Free-flowing, non-constrained, full-body expression

Through a rich variety of breath, sound, multidimensional movement explorations in various relationships to gravity such as standing, sitting, inversions or hanging off of platforms or chairs, we experience our capacity for free-flowing, non-constrained expression. When we invigorate our bodies to move fluidly from one circumstance to another in gravity, we increase our ability to be adaptable and resilient in all circumstances. Rather than repetitively sculpting and isolating particular body parts or muscles, we focus on the strength of the entire system as a whole.

Unlike a muscular workout, Continuum Playground invites us to feel the gravitational field as a support to engage with the tensegrity of bodily tissues and the fascial network as a whole, allowing possibilities for finding new and creative pathways for ease of movement, movement expression, and postural enhancement.

A journey of discovery …

In Continuum Playground, we play and discover instead of being told how to move. Our movement repertoire expands as we follow the patterns of water: spirals, arcs, curves, and waves. Various props, weights, balls, rollers, bands and chairs may be used in different relationships to gravity with rhythmic variations.

This novel approach to full-body fitness combines fluid activation, non-linear structural and spatial engagement, micro movements and tissue mobilization to open possibilities for regeneration, healing, and the glorious feeling of wellbeing.

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