Vision, mission & values

Our Vision

The Continuum Teachers Association is a membership organization where in we share a love of teaching, learning and evolving the practice of Continuum. We recognize each member as a carrier and developer of the evolving insights and processes of Continuum. We honor diversity and the multiplicity of approaches that express themselves uniquely through each teacher, and will continue to find expression through future generations of teachers.

Our Mission

  • To support a diverse, international network of Continuum Teachers Association members.
  • To maintain a decentralized organizational structure with creative communication, transparency, dynamic governance, and compassion.
  • To foster gatherings that allow us to share our discoveries with one another.
  • To provide a welcoming process for candidates who want to become CTA members.

CTA Values

As teachers of Continuum, we support the ongoing and evolving inquiry into the full spectrum of what it means to be a human being. We value openness towards discovering and embracing dimensions and aspects of self that emerge through the practice and experience of Continuum. We recognize that the process of Continuum unfolds through reciprocity in dynamic dialogue between, and among, teachers and students. Teachers learn through the process of teaching; students teach through the process of learning. All of us continue to discover, invent, share, and co-create the ways we attend to the further evolution of Continuum.

As teachers, we are called to open exploratory contexts in which people can develop their creative gifts through conscious movement and resonant awareness. Rooted in the ground of love, we cultivate responsiveness on every level of feeling, health and well-being, both individually and in community.

Values of Continuum

Continuum is a living process that evolves through an engaged and embodied movement and sound exploration within the creative flux. These are the principles we value:

  • To open portals of awareness through movement, breath, sound streams, the art of attending, and soulful imagination.
  • To engage fluid dynamics and organismic intelligence.
  • To value the implications that the body is constituted primarily of water.
  • To perceive and express the impulses of intrinsic movements.
  • To innovate beyond the narrow limits of habit, personal identity or cultural conditioning.
  • To inquire into how we make meaning.
  • To respond, embody and experience the expansive sensation of love, resonance and the potency of “the Field."
  • To participate as consciousness with biological and universal processes.
  • To connect us with the mystery, that we are.

Further, we value transparency, compassion and deep connection both with self and others. We recognize that human connection is deep, rich, multi-faceted and nourishing. The human experience reaches beyond what we consider to be the “cultural body” to include all life processes of our planetary and cosmic body.