Humm Droplets

Humm Droplets
Lali asked, "How can we access Eros in a difficult situation, such as when being seriously ill?" While bedridden during an episode of acute illness she discovered the answer -- Eros came from within, in the form of the Humm Droplets.

September, 2019

In March of 2019 I fell seriously ill. The details are not relevant, other than saying that I hibernated for four days and nights and was in bed for almost a month, recovering from a severe loss of energy.

This happened while being a guest at my brother's place, having just arrived from a month-long trip to my native Brazil, where I had taught a beautiful workshop named 'Continuum: Eros in Movement'.

During the workshop I kept bringing up the question "How can we access Eros in a difficult situation, such as when being seriously ill?". One month later there I was, in bed searching for Eros during hibernation.

Eros came from within, in the form of the Humm Droplets.

In Continuum we use our own sounding to activate the fluids in the body, allowing it to manifest it's wisdom through movement, sometimes large and visible, and sometimes through tiny inner micro-movements. The Humm is a nourishing Continuum sound. It's done on the exhale, first a silent 'H' followed by a continuous 'M' emitted with the lips gently shut. Its gentle vibration spreads, warming up and activating the tissues. Emitted in longish exhales, often it is accompanied by specific tongue movements which I'm not describing now. (Perhaps I will describe this in a future blog entry.)

The Droplets came as the briefest gentlest possible single Humm moving in slow-motion through the tissues; just one single Humm, taking a million years to land in a random place on the body, and from there, spreading slooowly through the system, nourishing it and spreading until it faded. Only then another Droplet is invited to manifest and fall in a new place. They fall vertically through the body, accompanying gravity, from Cosmos to Earth.

These Humm Droplets, their teeny tiny vibrations, kept falling randomly all over my body. The whole fleshy part of me kept sliding inside the container of my skin. Slurpy, yummy, gentle, luscious. Nano-movements allowed fluids and information to flow. At the same time, the Humm Droplet's soothing, calming qualities helped spreading the tissue and getting deep connection with the ground, thanks to it's verticality as the droplets dropped down through the body towards the ground.

During this time my brother told me that he would check in on me, "to make sure you were breathing" and he would hear what he took for tiny moans. What I was actually doing was nourishing and healing myself with Humm Droplets.

After two weeks, feeling strong enough, I asked a friend who is a masseuse to come and help me. Considering I had been in bed for the whole period, barely moving, she was surprised to see how my skin and muscles were supple, receptive and lubricated.

I've been bathing myself with Humm Droplets ever since and invite you to experiment with it.

If you need assistance, feel free to get in touch. And please share your experiences with me.

Lovingly, Lali