The power of diving in times of war—bringing back the light

The power of diving in times of war—bringing back the light
Israeli Continuum Teacher Leela Shalem explores the power of Continuum in time of war—experiencing internal space, peace, & reconnecting to the vastness of life

It is so hard to describe the indescribable
To experience, directly, horrors that undergo the fundamental essence of
Humanity itself.
Experiences that no human being should experience in his or her lifetime.

But here it is.
And I live here.
So I Am a part of this collective experience.

I will not tell you stories of the horrors.
It is too much for a heart to contain.
I will just tell you, that no heart was left unbroken.

In the first weeks of the war, my heart dispersed into small pieces.
My nervous system met its edges.
Many structures that my perception had been holding, were spread out in
all directions.
My soul was lying on the bottom of the ocean.

Day after day after long long day.... time moves differently in times of
Each day and its stories, its pains, and its moments of light.
Moments of practice: gathering attention, breathing, sounding, moving, and
again, and again...
Moments of beauty, moments of love, moments of compassion, closeness
and tenderness.
Drop after drop, ray after ray.
Until spontaneous gatherings, regrouping, and strengthening took place all
over my body and soul.
The black cloud, so dark and full of pain, became a cloud of rain, and began
to rain, pouring water on the wounded earth.

Yesterday we gathered a group of continuum practitioners, in the
Continuum studio in my village. 12 KM from the border with Lebanon.
The studio is built as a womb, and it holds the resonance of Continuum
practice of the last 12 years.
In all the hours we practiced, there were no sounds of bombs.
The only sounds that were heard were our MMM, AAA and OOOOs.
With the MMM sound,, the "Mother sound", we called our attention back to
the body, back to our earth. Our systems that are so alert these days, were
able to find rest, comfort and security.
Then we started touching our upper heart and “lower heart” (located in the
belly) gently with AAAAA and OOOO sounds, allowing the piles of deep
pains: fear, sorrow, disperse, and others to start flowing, like rivers going
back to the ocean, going back to the source.
We were able to find some internal space and start experiencing peace
again. To reconnect to the vastness of life, where what is happening right
now, is only one part of all that life is, feeling again our connection to the
infinite, perpetual dance of life.

At the end of the dive, we gathered in a circle, and from the depth of our
“one” joint heart, we sent an AAAA sound with its wide wide ripples, to all
the souls that are suffering now from cruelty, violence, hatred, evil and

May all beings be safe and live in inner and outer peace.