Continuum Body’s Natal Human Design

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Paper written by Continuum teacher Ellen Cohen describes briefly how the Continuum Teachers Association came into form in January, 2016, initially as Continuum Body. She drew up a Human Design chart of that moment and presents its uncannily accurate and significant aspects. The chart describes a communal entity that will bring innovation and renewal to the world and convince people that evolution is an ongoing process.

We gave birth to the newborn teachers’ organization, Continuum Body*, at our teacher meeting at Seven Oaks, on January 15th, 2016 at 3:30 PM. By ‘gave birth’ I mean that we all stood in a circle and stepped in, in full support of the name and the general mission of our new creation. With strong emotion, we celebrated by sounding around our altar, which included the fetus stone we’d been using as our speaking stick. 

The process had taken several days and everyone’s undivided attention, mind, heart, body and spirit. For some of us, however, this creation had taken a year to be born. When the Membrane formed at the end of the January 2015 teachers’ meeting, it was intended as a first step toward developing some organism that would hold and express our common interests.

Since Sabine knew I’d been studying the Human Design system for many years, she asked me to draw up natal chart of Continuum Body (‘CB’). I did, and have been excited by what I found. I want to share it with the community at large, as it is incredibly affirming of what we are doing. I have done my best to synthesize the information so that it’s succinct, accessible and understandable. I am not using this forum to prove the accuracy of Human Design or explain how I know what I’ll be telling you. I will be primarily quoting from Human Design, by L. Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu. Much of what follows is verbatim, and hence dense with meaning. You may be surprised at the aptness & specificity of the language.

CB is a highly ‘individual’ entity. Its knowing isn’t based on proven facts or experiential learning, but on intuition and/or the inspiration in the moment. This makes it not fit into society so easily.  Hence it is imperative and advantageous for it to be able to communicate its inspiration and what it knows to be true in order to facilitate its effectiveness as an agent for change.

CB embodies a pressure to bring innovation and renewal to the world, an endless movement between chaos and order. This mutative energy will influence all aspects of its being, and will repeatedly happen suddenly, unexpectedly.

For CB, initiation into individuation becomes an art. As a ‘specially gifted innocent,’ it can survive the quantum leap into the void. By its doing what is correct for itself, CB can empower others to love themselves and to follow their own unique path.

CB has a driving mutative force compelling individuation towards its ultimate expression of uniqueness. It will bring mutation in the form of a change in the direction of the status quo. It will engage in the struggle to convince people that evolution is an on-going process, and one worth struggling for.

CB is also a communal entity that will develop depth through clarity over time and has the will power to succeed. It requires a strong, adaptable and clear path of progression and people working side by side. Investment is focused on one another and the needs of the whole group. This is the highest ideal of community, and there is little evidence of hierarchy.

The true purpose of any being is to make a unique contribution to the whole. CB’s purpose is about attaining its full potential for transformation and awareness. Specifically, “its inspired knowledge of the hidden inner truths and universal principals can bring out the details about absolute and universal laws which might otherwise be missed.” 

In conclusion, the elements of this chart indicate the vast and specific potential of this new ‘baby,’ Continuum Body, to embody both in content and process the innovation, creativity, diversity and true community “that our hearts know is possible,” to quote Charles Eisenstein.

*in the spring of 2017 we changed our name to the Continuum Teachers Association.