British Columbia

I have been exploring the inquiry of Continuum for over two decades. My exploration was initiated by a car accident that resulted in a broken back at age 18, when my movement, my body and consciousness unexpectedly arrived as places of primary interest and care in my life.

Entering the Somatics stream as a Yoga Teacher in 1989, Continuum (1994) spoke to the intrinsic and indigenous wisdom emerging in my practice. Developing and facilitating inquiry-based classes for women through dreams, storytelling, perceptual inquiry, writing, Somatics, and ceremony has been my life's work. Somatic Sovereignty is my emerging creation which weaves Continuum, Perceptual Inquiry and Mytho-Poetic movement explorations, where it is possible to experience one's self as sovereign and simultaneously part of the unfolding expression of life itself.

As a Life-Cycle Celebrant I love any opportunity to weave words and co-create rituals to express life's deepest longing for itself through weddings, funerals and honoring significant life passages and transition. As a Home Funeral Guide, I collaborate with families called to re-imagine and reclaim death, in what I like to call: Bringing Death Home. Exploring embodiment practices that deliver a direct experience of being nature, creature and evolving process seem to beautifully serve trust in the natural and shared experience we will all meet in death. Continuum informs every aspect of my work and life.

Appreciation for mentors of Susan Harper, Emilie Conrad, Caryn McHose & Kevin Frank, Angeles Arrien, Hubert Godard, many Continuum teachers, Ancestors and all of the interested and curious folks who have arrived on my doorstep.



This teacher has stepped back from active teaching at this time.