Amber Elizabeth
Santa Fe
New Mexico
Melbourne, Australia

Amber Gray moves from a diverse landscape of experience. As a dancer, 28 years studying and teaching Haitian dance led her to Continuum. Mentored by Emilie Conrad, Amber was authorized to teach Continuum in 2007.  As a human rights psychotherapist, she works with survivors of war and political violence in the U.S and is an international consultant, advising many programs worldwide on staff care and wellness programming.   She is an award winning dance movement therapist, an animal rights activist, a Sevito Fran Ginee, and lover of all things wild. Her professional journey includes public health, somatic psychology, dance movement therapy, deep tissue bodywork, cranial-sacral therapy, aromatherapy, hatha yoga, and a life long commitment to social change. 

Amber is recognized as a pioneer in soma-movement therapies for trauma. She co-developed Polyvagal-informed movement therapies (Continuum, Dance Movement Therapy, etc.) with Dr Stephen Porges, and publishes regularly on this work. She teaches somatic and movement-based approaches to working with trauma internationally; leads mindful, restorative, and re-wilding movement retreats for survivors and those who work with survivors, and is passionate about supporting practitioners, therapists and artists to integrate polyvagal & trauma-informed approaches and the creative process into their work. 

She offers a Continuum mentoring program for students in Australia, Haiti, and Santa Fe. With years of experience in ethical practices for mental health and bodywork, Amber is a member of the CTA Ethics and Mediation Council. Amber is a global citizen with an Aussie heart, a Haitian spirit, and a wildly Lebanese mind.



This teacher has stepped back from active teaching at this time.