Los Angeles

Susan Harper is a heart-soul-counselor, creative instigator, and inspired teacher of perceptual and movement inquiry. Susan joined Emilie Conrad, founder, in 1975 to study, and eventually became a partner in developing the organization and work of Continuum.

Susan has the ability through personal demonstration of sounds, breaths and movement to transmit a primal and spiritual fluidity that inspires participation resulting in embodied innovative discoveries. Her students call her a moving storyteller, a dream weaver, one who opens portals into the vast space of creativity, which is available in all human beings.  

Emilie and Susan developed teacher training programs, and co-founded Continuum Teacher Organization in 2000. She continues to mentor many of the authorized Continuum teachers. In the early 90's Susan brought Continuum for the first time to Japan, Finland, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. In 1992, as a part of the 18th Street Arts Complex, Susan designed and built Continuum Studio, providing a creative gathering place for community.

Susan teaches a wide range of skills, and inquiry in the fields of movement, emotions, dreams, perception, meditation and relationship. In addition to Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper has taught Hubert Godard, Pilar Martin, Kevin Frank, Caryn McHose; Perceptual/Movement, Chris Price; Gestalt Awareness Practice, Wendy Palmer; Intuitive Body, Gary David; Epistemics, Reggie Ray; Meditating With the Body, Peter Levine; Somatic Experiencing, Steven Harper; Wilderness Awareness, and currently teaches with Lama Drimed - Dzogchen, and Michael Molin Skelton.

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This teacher has stepped back from active teaching at this time.