North Carolina
United States (USA)

Laura Lawton joined the Continuum Teachers Association in November 2018 after 16 years of immersive studies and she brings over 30 years of somatic experience from her healing arts practice in Durham, North Carolina.  Originally motivated to find relief from her own chronic pain, she has explored innovative movement therapies, structural bodywork and energetic healing. Laura has deep knowledge and appreciation of anatomy and the fascial matrix through her study and long-standing practice of Structural Integration and somatic bodywork. She also integrates her in-depth study and treatment experience with cranial-sacral and visceral therapy into her practice.  

Laura first met Emilie Conrad in 2002 and was struck by her boundless capacity to articulate and demonstrate the wisdom and potential of Continuum. Laura has also studied extensively with Susan Harper and strongly endorses the ceremonial and perceptual aspects that Continuum holds for a deep, transformative process. Laura believes that it is our birthright to move with fluid ease and grace and is sharing the practice of Continuum with her students and clients to help them explore their own unique experience of embodiment.

Laura is exceedingly grateful for all the ways Continuum has touched and transformed her own life.  She looks forward to refining and evolving her own inner journey in her new role as a Continuum teacher and sharing the power and depth of this work with others to develop their own capacities for self healing.



This teacher has stepped back from active teaching at this time.