Montevideo, Uruguay

Claudia is a Franco-Uruguayan architect, sculptor, nature lover, and is concerned about the future of humankind. In Continuum, Claudia found a force capable of helping us live and make us better.

Claudia is neither a dancer or a choreographer, even though she would have loved to be both. She has worked in a wide variety of places - a slaughterhouse, an auto parts industrial manufacturing facility, as an electronics technician, a glassblower, an urban architect, and as a public health organizer. She took courses and studied on her own to learn the fundamentals of haptonomy, osteopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, anatomy, and Functional Analysis of the Dancing Body (AFCMD). Her areas of interest have been medicine, politics, sociology, psychoanalysis, cosmogony, human rituals, and somatics.

Claudia was fortunate enough to be born in a country rich in untouched nature and to be able to absorb the teachings from the natural scientists who surrounded her in her childhood. Her interest in and communion with the natural world is her fundamental reference point, and today constitutes the basis of her Continuum classes.

Claudia’s eclectic journey within different segments of society has led her to recognize linguistic and behavioral barriers between different social environments. She is deeply touched by the wounds created by social differences, and this leads her to seek ways of making Continuum accessible to people with very diverse backgrounds and stories. Claudia also wishes to bring Continuum to Uruguay and South America.



This teacher has stepped back from active teaching at this time.