West Virginia
United States (USA)

I fell in love with Continuum when I first studied with Emilie Conrad in 2000. I had been teaching somatic movement practices since 1985, primarily sourced from the Alexander Technique.

What has always been profound for me about Continuum is that in this practice we experience the reality that we are OF the natural world—that our interior waters are part of a vast intelligence that we share with the earth and with the cosmos. At the same time, this practice is a functional tool that can aid in developing more ease and communication in our tissues. As we drop into our fluidity, barriers we have created through habit and identification soften; we recognize our connection with “other;” we can be more vibrantly alive in our moment to moment existence.

Within the first couple of years of studying with Emilie, and with her permission, I began to share this practice with people in my rural West Virginia community. I have studied with Susan Harper since 2004, and continue to drink in Susan’s gifted teaching on a regular basis.  

In addition to my Somatic Movement offerings, I have maintained a body work practice in Southeastern West Virginia and Washington, D.C. since 1980. At this time, my work primarily draws from Craniosacral and Lymphatic Drainage therapies, mindfulness, and the Bowen Technique.

I am thrilled to be a member of the Continuum Teachers Association. I am always inspired by the practice of sharing this remarkable work.



This teacher has stepped back from active teaching at this time.