I was born in London into a multicultural family, and navigated from a very early age between cultures and languages. I love to understand how things work, and feel most at home in nature, so I studied physics, hydrogeology, and then ecology. I began my professional life as an environmental engineer. Working with pollution first-hand moved me to devote my energy to prevention, so I began teaching hands-on ecology and working as a freelance translator, focusing on ecology, sociology and health.

My curiosity about the body’s wisdom led me to explore and train in Iyengar Yoga, Rosen Method® bodywork and later Body-Mind Centering® Somatic Movement Education.

When I discovered Continuum many years ago, it felt both like finding home and a practice to keep finding the path home. In Continuum, I am connected to a ground of being from which my truest expression can emerge. On my life journey, I have also discovered the science of psychoanalysis, which takes me back to the origins of language and an unlost wholeness. As deeply as I am touched by the beauty of language, so I am also moved to shed language completely as I journey into my fluid being.

In my classes and workshops, my guiding thread is to create a safe container in which others can rest and give themselves full permission to feel. I see all of my work as a chance to nurture the web of life, and am especially committed to working with people who - for whatever reason - need to reconnect to their deepest selves.



This teacher has stepped back from active teaching at this time.