Diving Out of Time

Diving Out of Time
Explore perception of time as a product of subjective experience. Time flows with attention, as our minds create meaning and our experience of the world.

July 25, 2021

What we call time is a measurement of our subjective experience. It rests in the quality of attention we offer in every context. Our sense of time flows with our attention, wandering through activities and environments. Like a butterfly, it may land briefly only to take flight on to something else. Or our attention can galvanize, penetrating deeply into a focused point, sustained. Experience comes through the lenses of our senses.
Our mind may make meaning of it all, but the senses are always bringing the world in and through. This ongoing flow we call time.

Our personal and collective sense of time is shifting. Eighteen  months of social distancing, wearing masks, not leaving our homes for weeks or months has profoundly changed our experience and therefore, our perception of time. For many, a slow pace of life brought a whole new lifestyle. Many returned to or found Nature. Many felt drawn inward to contemplate, meditate, reflect.

My experience has been a collapse of the linear orientation to time. I try to reach into the "past" and it feels inaccessible, unreachable, dissolved. The "future" also feels utterly elusive, as if behind a thick cloud of mist. I am riveted to this moment. Zero point presence. Everything is now. My attention is busy "here-ing", in the constant sensory flow of my experience. Plans feel too small for this state of awareness. Goals seem ridiculous, not relevant to anything. The true nature of time, hidden under the morass of modern agendas, distractions and doing-ness, has revealed itself. Eternity, no longer objectified, now the essence of experience.

And there is no going back....

The felt sense truth of my experience in countless Continuum dives has now become my felt sense truth or perception of time. I am living the dive. I flow between states of attention as easily as water shifting from surface to depths, a penetrating wholeness of being no matter what the doing. From this vantage point, I experience the world afresh, a-flow. Inner and outer are neither or both.

This is the new earth dawning! Here is our opportunity to surrender attachments to external constructs and discover our own intrinsic, authentic expression and fullness. What a radical notion, to trust in our own perceptions! To revel in this sensate body and throw open the doors of possibility...we have time because we weave time. We create our own experience of the world ~~~