Resonance & Transmission: The Vibrational Language Of Our Multidimensional Nature

Resonance & Transmission: The Vibrational Language Of Our Multidimensional Nature
Sabine explores Continuum as an inquiry into resonance as the language of the fluid system.

July, 2019

As humans, we are fluent in the language of resonance, the language of the fluid system. From our beginnings, resonance is the song of life making life—the vibrational blueprint for the architecture of our form. As fetuses, we are influenced by the resonance of our mother, our portal to this planet, this time and place. Inside the womb, our cells hum and spin, spiraling our fluids, shaping our organs and bones, ushering our DNA into its unique expressions.

Resonance is an energetic language, a molecular language based in the movement we call vibration. We speak resonance through our whole being; it is through resonance that we communicate our willingness to engage, our receptivity, the truth of our emotional landscape. Resonance speaks directly to our intuition and ability to read each other as well as our environment.

Transmission occurs as a result of being resonant organisms. We broadcast our particular vibration (frequency), and it is felt by other people and our environment. Anything that is a fluid or water-based system is a resonant organism and is constantly transmitting and receiving frequency.

The more present we are, the more potent the transmission. The essence of what we transmit is the love that we are.  It is this photonic charge carried deep in the molecular dance within our cells that ignites our imagination, fires our will and engenders resilience. The inherent complexity of each molecule, each cell, and each individual, guarantees a unique transmission from each of us.

Continuum is based on an inquiry into this vast resonant being that we are, individually and collectively. As we practice, we learn to modulate our own vibration, cultivating virtuosity, self regulation, presence and empathy. By activating and bringing our attention to the fluid system, we become stronger, clearer transmitters of our own singular song of Love and Truth.