Resourcing into Resilience

Resourcing into Resilience
Kori offers her wisdom about resilience as a resource that exists within you, along with a guided audio meditation to help you experience your own resilience.

August 18, 2020

Resilience is a quality that is inherent to life.

Evolution is living proof of life’s resilience.

Evolution happens when life meets challenges, finds creative ways of resourcing, and thus continues on.

Whether we know or feel resilience in ourselves or not, resilience is already here, expressing itself through us. New resources are found or created, as life needs them to survive. Our sheer existence is proof of our resilience.

Whether we’re are talking about the life of the cosmos, the life of the planet, the life of the beings on the planet (animal, plant life, fungi, amoebas...) our own ancestral line, or ourselves as individuals (the odds of you even being born are estimated at 1 in 400 trillion), life is here and has been amazingly resilient in order to still be here.  

To know this, we just need to reach into it, feel it, keep an eye out for it, see it and name it. Continuum helps us to experience our resilience by pointing us back to our own fluid, adaptable, moving nature, again and again as we dive in with curiosity to see what is here in each fresh moment of now. Continuum asks us to notice, experientially, where the sensations and movements of life are happening. As we dive into our fluid being, we are bathed in the essence of our resilience. As we become aware of our own resilience, it becomes a new resource which we can draw on again and again as we open back out into the world from the potency of the depths of our unbound fluid intelligence.

The more we are able to resource, feel into and access nourishment and support, draw from this, the more resilience we will feel. Likewise, the more we are able to feel into and know our resilience, the more this becomes a resource for us to draw on.

The question that I am offering, for all of us to hold in our dives (and in our lives) is, “Where are my places of resilience?” and “How can I know them?”.

As we navigate our way through these changing and intense times, this is a question that will help us remember that we not only have it in us to survive, but also creatively thrive.

If you are alive on the planet, there is a reason for you to be here right now.

It is so important to find ways to not get defeated, to find ways to come from our own deep knowing and internal strength, especially in hard times.  This knowing is an internal strength that can be our bridge to resilience.

It is important to acknowledge that the world is a little different now. Then the question arises, “How am I going to find ways to continue to care for myself and others and the planet at this time?”

Self-care is not a luxury.  It is a necessity, especially if you are sensitive or empathic. That said, we may need new ways to look at self-care. Some of the old things that used work may not anymore.  We are in a different time.

We need to be able to continue to both take in the world, and also come back to ourselves in ways that help us feel safe and whole. When we feel unsafe, even slightly, and we have certainly had numerous triggers for this over these last six months (the environmental crisis, COVID, ongoing inequalities, government response or lack thereof, other human responses, seeing shadow sides of those we thought we knew, maybe shadow sides of ourselves…) it tends to move us off of our axis.

It is increasingly important to be able to learn how to ground in more creative and fluid ways as things change. We have the option and ability to ground through what Continuum refers to as “The Three Anatomies”: to know ourselves as a biological/primordial body, a cosmic/energetic body, but also understand our place in the cultural body outside of ourselves, and be able to expand our identity out beyond these realms. With expansion of the self, comes the ability to hold all that is happening with a bigger perspective and capacity and experiential knowingness.

We need to be able to access our own internal sense of resilience and creativity, access to the knowingness of our hearts, our deep inherent intelligence, and the fluid intelligence of the earth body and the cosmos to guide us.

From a place of an expanded and fluid “I”, we can evolve as we draw from and move forth from this source of resilience and wisdom.

Consider taking some time right now, just ten minutes, to feel the resiliency that is alive in your life right now.  
Here is a guided meditation led by Kori: