United States (USA)

Born into this world with both Cystic Fibrosis and a complicated family environment, my quest to understand wellness, the workings of the cosmos, and life began as a child. This search lead me to various teachers throughout the US, Europe, Mexico, Japan and India, but perhaps most importantly, inside my own body.

I have been a licensed and NCBTMB approved bodyworker since 2001. My Continuum journey began in 2008 when I attended a "Breathable Body" workshop with Robert Litman. I was moved to tears watching a video of both Emilie Conrad's and Susan Harper's movement. Something inside of me instantly knew the importance of this kind of movement. Once I saw this visually, and experienced it viscerally, there was no turning back.

I immediately began taking Continuum classes weekly with Priscilla Auchincloss, participating in practice groups, and within that first year sought out workshops with Emilie and Susan. I continued to work with Emilie in person, as well as in virtual series, and developed my own treatment/life/practice plan with her.

In 2013 our local teacher, Priscilla, took a sabbatical from teaching. In order to keep Continuum classes available in our community, I sought Emilie's approval to teach my first series of  classes there.  Since then, I have pursued mentoring to become a teacher.

I have co-taught Continuum workshops oriented towards people with chronic conditions, as well as several exploratory sounding/yoga workshops. As a member of the Continuum Teachers Association, I plan to expand my teaching of classes and workshops and continue to offer private Continuum sessions with clients.