Suspension is a way of being with uncertainty. We can embrace the potency of possibility as Continuum practice supports us to use the pause to gain clarity.

September 21, 2020

“Hanging in between” often feels like an unfamiliar, sometimes even uncomfortable position. The direction is not yet clear. What will be the next movement?

In Continuum, we cultivate this moment of not knowing. Suspension is the moment where our system waits, we can rest and gather energy in order to prepare fully to move further into the next moment. We can compare this state of suspension to a lake that gathers water just before it pours itself out into a waterfall, or to the water that gets collected in a reservoir in order to create electricity.

We are constantly in “hanging in between” moments. We live in the time and space between the inhalation - exhalation, waking up - sleeping, day - night… Every crossroad in traffic or on our path, every next move that we make, what food to cook… When I see a person, do I lower my gaze or say hello? Do I look to my phone to see the weather or look up to the sky to actually see the weather?

It is the potent moment in which all the possibilities lie dormant. It is the actual stillpoint, from where a new birth is possible.

The moment of “hanging in between” made conscious, becomes the moment of choice. How long do I hang in there, without the choice yet made? Who makes the choice; What choices are there; Is there even a choice?

When practicing Continuum, navigating these in between moments often feels easier. The “hanging in between” gives this specific nourishing feel, like harvesting, and restorative. It might feel uncomfortable at the moment the thinking comes in, “How long will this last? Now I have been here long enough in this position!”

If I can allow myself, the point of suspension is no choice. It is just hanging in there, before the next movement comes, naturally, by itself. It is gathering momentum.

And of course, when it feels stuck, I can invite the next movement through a breath, a sound, a conscious micromovement, for example, in or with my fingers or toes. But what would happen, if I allow myself to really hang in there? And not only on the mat when practicing, but also in my other moments of choice? How long does my system want/need to hang in there? Be in suspension? Gather the energy in order to prepare the whole system, inside and outside myself, to create the perfect circumstance for the next move?

In these times, aren’t we in a big suspension? So many questions, but we don’t yet know the answers. So many choices. So many stillpoints. And then, sometimes… just a sudden movement. Without thinking or choosing the direction. Just the clarity of the right, exact movement!

Rest when the movement is not there.

Move when the movement is there.

What else is there?