The Continuum Of Aliveness

The Continuum Of Aliveness
Continuum practice is an embodied call home to Love. The aliveness we experience in Continuum unfolds from our inner world and has the capacity to transform the outer world.

August, 2019

Continuum practice invites us into the aliveness of the more beautiful world that dwells within. When we discover this world, we transform the outer world. Continuum is a medicine that shifts perception and therefore, our experience of reality. Continuum is a potent experiential form that places the body as the central field of inquiry. Specifically, we inquire into the body as a moving, shifting, energetic landscape informed in the now moment, an unfolding subjective reality. Combining elegant simplicity with exquisite complexity, Continuum is a cumulative practice done in groups or alone. Movement is the guide into layers of becoming and belonging, an opening into eros and a pervasive sense of unity. Sound, the felt sense of vibration, combines with movement in an alchemy of sublime embodiment allowing for deeper ensoulment. Integration, wholeness, empathy and spaciousness arrive as a new sense of self flows through. We slowly open and awaken to fuller dimensions of Love and beingness.

Can you feel the hum and pulse of LIFE? Down in the bones and the blood, the cells are responding to a call. All of Nature is oscillating, shifting, morphing into a new expression of itself.  The genesis of a more authentic way to live is emerging. A higher octave of truth is rippling through the field of humanity, and we are knowing ourselves anew.

Aliveness is an ignition of the radiance of our individual presence. When we are transmitting the brightness of our infinite self, we emit a force of radiance. We feel the hum of aliveness that we are. A permeability in our being allows for a deep symphony of connection with all life, tethering us to this exquisite array of earthly forms. To be alive is to consciously claim our rightful inheritance as creatures of Nature and full beingness, our sentience and sensuality, our humanity and mystery. We are all of it, a concrescence of elements and the fire of long ago stars. We are bound in time and utterly timeless.

The pace and distractions of our culture dim the great light of our infinite self, shoving its amplitude into ever-increasing compartments and fragments. We hold our brightness in check, fear binding the vast emotional ocean of earthly experience. We allow ourselves to be diminished by our history, our habits, our customs and beliefs. We are taught to be small, to be good, to be nice.  Love is parsed out as a commodity to be earned—only if we are enough.

Love is the element of all form, and we are made of it. We roar with Love’s tidal pull and glisten with Love’s molecular magic. Our aliveness is a constant broadcast of the truth of our open-heartedness, our willingness to be honest, to be authentic, to be vulnerable. To feel this moment and the next, and the next.  We hunger for the truth of our aliveness, to feast on the abundant Love that we are, to offer it freely and with abandon, knowing its source to be as big as we are, as big as the Cosmos. Continuum is a practice as big as we are. It is a call home to Love.