The Movement We Are: Continuum Invites Us To Return To The Sea

The Movement We Are: Continuum Invites Us To Return To The Sea
Movement is life. Movement is what we are, not what we do. Sabine Mead explores the vast repertoire of movement from the macro to the micro and the cosmic.

January, 2019

Movement, the universal language, imbues all life forms with the capacity for animation, ambulation, expression and regeneration.  Movement is life. We are always in motion—from the processes of respiration, circulation, and brain wave activity, to the sub-cellular dance of mitochondria and organelles.  More subtle yet is the vibration of protons, electrons, and neutrons at the molecular level of our being.  Everything in our internal and external environments is in perpetual motion, constantly humming into being.

On a grander scale, we humans tend to regard movement as utterly functional—a way of getting  from one place to another.  As our culture has become increasingly technological, it has also become more sedentary.  Movements tend to be limited to the functionality of mundane tasks, including exercise.  We have restricted our movement to repetitive mechanistic expressions void of pleasure and lacking in neural nourishment, and imposed our linear thinking on an organism that is an evolving planetary process originating from the sea. We tell our bodies how to move, limiting their multidirectional intelligence to simplistic and fragmented expression. Moving like machines in repetitive sequences literally starves our biological intelligence and erodes the longevity of the organism.

We live in a culture bereft of undulating wave motion. We have become so dissociated from ourselves as an expression of Nature as to deny our biological inheritance from the ocean itself. The fluids of our being contain the essence of our resonance, our relate-ability, if you will. It is the Sea of us that recognizes and longs to connect with the Sea of another being, with all of Nature’s manifest forms. When we allow ourselves to undulate, pulsate and ripple with wave motion, we increase our capacity to feel alive. We enhance our health, creativity and ability to experience pleasure. As we thaw the places in our beings that have become numb through habitual and automatic  movement, we reenter our primal sensory awareness, emerging from isolation into a new experience of wholeness.

How we move is how we think. How we move is a gestalt of our being. To expand our repertoire to include all the fluid potentials, to include ranges of movement that are slow and subtle, invites our consciousness into vast landscapes of possibility. We heal the illusion of separation, invoking the inherent joy in the ocean of our cells,  opening our hearts to greater territories of love.