Coming Home to the Body

Kiental, Switzerland
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Kiental, Switzerland
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English with German translation
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Kiental, Switzerland
July 26- Aug 1, 2021

Coming Home to the Body
A Continuum Workshop
Taught by Robin Becker

“The restorative properties of the body are not bound by form.”
-founder Emilie Conrad

We are living in an era of profound personal and cultural transformation. As we find our way in a changing landscape, the body is our ever-present companion. Nature herself may be calling us home during this time to listen deeply to the depths of our embodied wisdom. Our bodies are the heart of our shared humanity, and they carry the roots of our empathy, compassion, and inspired action.  

In Continuum, we explore a universal language of biologically based movements that curve, pulse, arc and spiral within us. When we join with our fluid nature, we begin to experience our relationship and dynamic engagement with all living systems. The waves of the air, the waters of the planet, the rays of the sun, and the unfurling growth of plants are moving in resonance with our fluid bodies.  The result of this practice is often that people feel a greater sense of belonging in the world because they have a direct experience of how the life moving within them is in an intimate relationship with the larger world.  
Continuum is a gentle practice with a broad range of movement explorations ranging from the contemplative to the dynamic. In a Continuum workshop, participants do not learn a prescribed system of movement to memorize and perform. Instead, they are guided in a process of discovery initiated by their own inner movement explorations. Many who participate express the delight of finding a way through Continuum to offer self-care and a type of supportive bodywork to themselves.
The workshop will include a period of silence, during which we move and rest in the deep listening and resonance of the group. For more information on Continuum:

July 26th, 2021 at 8 pm will be an Introduction to Continuum, that is a requirement for those who are new to the work.
The in-depth workshop will begin on July 27th, 2021.

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