"Anatomy of the Sound": Continuum and Holotropic Breathwork

Natureza, Podhorska 13 968 01 Nova Bana, Slovakia
Co-Teacher (non-CTA):
Martin Duris
Natureza, Podhorska 13 968 01 Nova Bana, Slovakia
Class Language:
Slovak / english
Virtual class details:
A virtual live event to be watched on-line at a specific time.
Recorded for you to watch at any time.

Current research shows that sound and vibration are at the foundation of the material world. Many spiritual traditions and religions have emphasized the power of sound in the creation of the cosmic scenario. Human beings can access the vibratory potential of sound through breath and the vocal apparatus and have a direct experience through the various cultures of chant and singing. In Continuum we experience sounds made by a variety of breaths and vocal tones as activators to access the fluid movements carried as rhythms and pulses throughout our body anatomy. The frequencies of sound open gates to portals of embodied awareness. Our anatomy vibrates specifically with frequencies and seems to re inform our cellular server and fluids bodily components with potency. Underneath vibration lays patterns of geometry, it is into this realm of the basics foundation of form that we can dissolve the old layers of habits and beliefs and open up to new way of relating. This process symbolically represented by the Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail, is an enactment of the eternal return, a constant dying and birthing process, unending transformation of the cosmic unfolding.Join us to experience one week of shading the old, unnecessary history and refresh into new vibratory patterns of higher potency. We will combine session of HBW and Continuum dives with sounds and frequencies. HBW and Continuum approaches are very complimentary in terms of balancing our own Yin and Yang energies. We will introduce you yang of HBW and yin of Continuum, and opposite. Yin of HBW and Yang of Continuum. At this time particularly, we have to be aware of the balance between these two pillars forces and how we are embodying them in our culture and personal functioning, bringing back balance and harmony between the light and the dark, the day and the night. The sound open gates...

Price: 450 euro
Accommodation and food: 200 euro
Registration: / 00421 949 141 025

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