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FRIDAY MORNINGS • on-going weekly gatherings • March 24 - May 19, 2023 • 8:30-10:00 am ET/2:30-4:00 CET • *online via zoom

Open the door this spring to the body’s inherent wisdom through the moving mindfulness practice of Continuum. These weekly explorations will creatively awaken the physiology of the body with active, fluid body workouts in balance with restorative, expansive explorations asking: What is support? What is strength? What is a body?

As the world around us continues to be in constant flux, reclaiming our own truth, trusting our own inner wisdom and honing our listening skills has never been more important. What would our lives be like if joy and pleasure are what motivated us? What if we embraced all movement as the medicine that brings us health and vitality? What would it be like to experience stillness from deep inner and outer acceptance instead of being immobilized by fear, anxiety and overwhelm?

True Beginners welcome. In fact, a Beginner’s Mind strongly encouraged for all.
I strongly urge you to softly allow the flow of your day to allow you to arrive with enough time to set up and be settling in at 8:30 am ET/2:30 pm CET
Prepare a clean and cleared floor space with a blanket, any cushions, a chair and anything else you need to be comfortable and fully present.
Hydration is essential. Everyone is encouraged to drink 2 cups of water before the start of class. Have a full water bottle nearby.
Bring a notebook to write in every week.
We will often use balls in class. Having a tennis ball and a 9 inch soft ball is strongly encouraged. Here's a link to the ball that I like best. There are many versions of these on the market and any will work. 9" BALL

Bring your curiosity and an open mind, and you’ll have everything you need!

These weekly offerings will be guided by Megan Bathory-Peeler, an expert somanaut – a true explorer of the body. Think of carving out this 1.5-hour block of time as a personal weekly retreat or spiritual bath. Isn't it time to give your Self the gift of bathing in a pool of rest, reflection, acceptance, compassion, discovery, and inspiration?


Suggested tuition: $25 per class. For each class, there is a suggested tuition. If current circumstances would prevent you from coming to class please contact Megan to arrange a rate that is affordable for you.

Payments can be made via:

CHECK - *Preferred* Mail to: 28 High Street Greenfield, MA 01301
ONLINE - Venmo @meganbathory-peeler

What is Continuum Somanautiko? Continuum is a practice that cultivates dynamic awareness throughout the body. Beginning with simple breaths and vocalized sounds, these vibrations invoke subtle and spontaneous movements within the body. As these intrinsic movements emerge, they spark creative sensory imagery and increase fluid responsiveness in our embodied minds. Within the first few breaths, we recover and restore sensation and awareness that has been flattened and lost by the speed of modern life. This immediately increases our vitality, adaptability, and immunity — making us more resilient.

Slowing down to the speed of water, our tissues hydrate themselves, becoming less dense and more spacious. Continuum helps us relocate ourselves, separate from the sensory overload of technology-driven culture, and drop into our place in the interconnected web of life on earth. It then becomes possible to explore the edges between the known and the unknown in Continuum’s essential inquiry — what is a body?

Continuum develops the non-judgmental witness, allowing to us to be fully present to our own process, without expectations of outcome. This enhances our ability to rest into what is, to be in the Here and Now. By reconnecting to what is most alive in each of us with more empathy and compassion for ourselves, it becomes easier to perceive the same in others and offer these gifts out to human and non-human beings around us. Continuum is a practice that deepens our trust in our own inherent wisdom and the interdependence of all things —skills and awareness that are critically needed in this time of ongoing pandemic recovery and climate-driven adaptability.

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