Returning to Wholeness (A Comprehensive Continuum Experience VIDEO COURSE)

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This ground-breakingContinuum course is the first of its kind.


You may be someone who has experienced trauma and wants to move through it and build a healthier life

You may be a healing professional who holds space for others and need nourishing practice yourself

You may be an athlete, dancer or other physically active person looking to ground your healthy body into more vibrant balance and ease

You may be thriving and dancing through life, looking to celebrate your health with movement, breath, sacred stillness and love

You may be looking to deepen your spiritual practice, one that embodies the core of Your Soul into your somaWherever you are, Continuum can be a nourishing and healing, uplifting practice.


This course offers timely relief from the pace and caustic influences present in daily life. By slowing down, tuning deeply into the rhythm and perfection within, the body can reset, restore and return to a healthy expression of your Soul Essence.

Using breath and sound, we explore our fluid bodies through subtle movement, wave motion, and the language of sensation. Within Sacred Space, together, we have the opportunity of allowing time to slow down, to shed that which needs to shed, and to come through anew, refreshed and reborn. When we access the InnateIntelligence of the deeper Forces that sustain us, we tap into the pulsating streams of life as they ripple through our system and we enter The Mystery of what it means to embody.

The need for connection to ourselves & others is also unprecedented We must remember who we are in our Essential Souls and connect with one another from a place of Wholeness, Care, Compassion and Love.

This work helps us remember who we are and explore ways to stay grounded in ourselves and connect more generously and meaningfully to others.

Now is the time. The Returning to Wholeness program is access to all this and more.

More than 20 lessons are contained within this comprehensive course, with various lengths of dives, introductions to each dive, sounding tracks, and many lessons on the techniques and tools of Continuum.

Continuum cultivates a deep connection with the internal systems – the fluid system, the cellular matrix, the nervous system, the circulatory system, the musculoskeletal system, the mental emotional systems activated through the brain-body connection – and so much more.

Moving with your own fluid dynamics allows wholeness and restoration to become the new normal state for your Whole Being.

By slowing down, feeling into your “now” fluid body, and moving with your body to release tensions, fears, past traumas and held energy, you can return to a present moment in a peaceful, relaxed, integrated state, connected to The AllThat Is.

The complete package for the beginner or an experienced Continuum practitioner.


The course includes video recordings, all teachings from Sarah Grace that you can gain access to and stream immediately upon purchase, along with videos featuring thought leaders in Somatic therapies including Continuum, Somatic Experiencing®, Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (RCST), Pre- and Perinatal Process AttachmentFacilitation, conscious birth support as a Doula, and more.

Our bodies desire to be inharmony, in balance, in a state of wholeness and health. It is the natural process of homeostasis – and our bodies have the power to heal.

The environments we live in and the traumas we encounter can easily throw us out of balance. Continuum allows a return to our own knowing and a full return to wholeness.

Find your breath. Find your heart beat. Find your nervous system’s tender responsiveness with spaciousness and fluid movement. Return once again to Your Wholeness.

By slowing down, tuning deeply into the rhythm and perfection within, the body can reset, restore and return to a healthy expression of your Soul Essence.

Sarah gently guides you through breath, sounds, movement and integration of your experience to shift and reset from any dissonance into wholeness, peace and ease.

A leading global Somatic teacher, Sarah is committed to all people having access to trauma healing and paths to embodying Soul Essence.

Bring Sarah Grace into your home for deep and customizable healing sessions through Continuum.


Course Includes.

A comprehensive introduction so every practitioner can have ease and success in the program – orienting to the various tools, timings and opportunities within the course materials.

Teachings and Insights aboutEmilie Conrad & Continuum
4 uniquely crafted dives: 11 mins, 22 mins, 33 mins, 1 hr 11 mins

Accompaniment Guide to each dive

Special Sounds Bundle: Sounds of Continuum INTRO/ORIENTATION

1) Course Introduction

2) Welcome Message from SarahGrace

3) An Introduction toContinuum


4) What is a “Dive”?

5) Guide to 11 min Dive

6) 11 min Dive

7) Guide to 22 min Dive

8) 22 min Dive

9) Guide to 33 min Dive

10) 33 min Dive

11) Guide to 1 hr 22 min Dive

12) 1 hr 11 min Dive



Videos 13-22

Sarah shares 9 video teachings of breaths and sounds used in Continuum to supplement your practice!


Give yourself or someone you love the Gift of a Return to Wholeness: An Introduction and Deepening into Emilie’ Conrad’s Continuum.


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