Cosmic Body—Sustainability, Continuum & Creative Process- Year 2

Ongoing classes
Virtual event, with an optional Continuum Camp out at Otter Bend in Central KY, USA
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Virtual event, with an optional Continuum Camp out at Otter Bend in Central KY, USA
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A virtual live event to be watched on-line at a specific time.
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The Cosmic Body is designed to break up habitual patterns to allow us to perceive in new ways, normally below the threshold of awareness. We will hook-up and grow in the neurology necessary for creating collaboration with our physiology both local and planetary, cultivating a sustainable and integrated daily practice of belonging with integrity to the world. Working with the essence of time, space and motion offers us access to the subtle realm, where we learn to listen deeply and be in dialog with life, including organic technology. Our second year in this inquiry, we will devote ourselves to integration and daily practice, through storytelling, dives, art making and shared experiences.

You are invited to be in relationship with me and other Cosmic Body & Continuum devotees via zoom, in this twelve-month series, meeting once a month for new material from Suzanne, and once a month for supplemental sharing from and within the practice group; Q & A; special art explorations; and to go deeper into the material. by practicing the movement exploration/inquiry/focus for that month.

Sundays' 11 AM-2 PM Eastern (US)
September 5; October 3; November 14; December 5; January 2, 2022; February 6; March 6; April 3: May 1; June 5; July 3; and August 7.

Practice group and sometimes peer led participant offerings meet: September 19; October 17; November 28; December 19; January 16, 2022; February 20; March 20; April 17; May 15; June 19; July 17; and August 21.

$300 for the year; Plans start at $25/month. If you are having financial difficulties due to Covid-19, you may register for a reduced rate or no-charge. You may also scholarship someone if you have an abundance of funds.

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