Entering the Water Threshold ~ Meeting the Mystery of Healing Water

Hejnice 383, 463 62 Hejnice, Czech Republic
Co-Teacher (non-CTA):
Hejnice 383, 463 62 Hejnice, Czech Republic
Class Language:
English & Czcech
Virtual class details:
A virtual live event to be watched on-line at a specific time.
Recorded for you to watch at any time.

This retreat will be dedicated to exploring the healing properties of water. Water is essential to life and all civilizations have celebrated the mysterious powers of water.
We will meet with the Entity named Earthly Sacred Water through journeying into accessible rituals of Perception, Intention and Awareness and we will explore these principles somatically in Continuum dives.
The space of the retreat is surrounded by pure crystalline mountains water of CZ, and we will fully connect with the pristine earth energies held by this beautiful environment.

Sylvain will share his knowledge about spiritual perception, intention and awareness to create a context for the mind where healing and magic can happen.
This retreat will be some sort of « out of time » experience where very little verbal language will be necessary, beside the explanations for the rituals and the dives.
We will tune into the language of Mother Nature being guided by the entity of Sacred Water, the spiritual expression of the water element and by the energies of the land.
The overall focus for participants is about allowing healing of the physical, emotional and mental body through fluid movements and de-animation processes.
And there will be individual session as well facilitated by Sylvain to move through the layers of the healing process.

Each day there will be a different ritual and a different dive to connect more deeply with the spiritual expression of the ground waters present on the land and their connection with the universe.

Be ready for a soft and powerful healing time with deep transformational outcomes.
(For information, healing will not be provided by Sylvain or anyone else, its will be carried by the intention to connect with the universal forces at the root of the creation flux. These incredible universal forces hold the healing patterns to synchronize with the «pure state of being». Pure state of Being has to be understood as a universal pattern that is not distorted by the physical laws of the material universe & the human physical mind. It lays in the quantum non physical realms).

Participation for the retreat: 450€ (400€ early bird until may 31 2024)
Meals and housing: 6000kč
What to bring: a clear crystal rock, papers, pens and colors for drawing & painting.

The retreat is suitable for participants with Continuum experience, somatic movers, healers, any one form all ages and all physical condition with an open mind and a desire to transform through the flow of conscious evolution. Max 10 participants.

For more information, email