Listening to the Voice Of the Body - The Art of Inner Awareness

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Continuum and Meditation

The art of fluidity and stillness

Making space for all that happens in our inner life is a radical act of self care...

Saturdays ~ June 1, 8, 15 and 29 ~ 11am-3pm ET

To reach the depth we wish to access, let's dive below the layers to deeper parts of ourselves through the fluid practices of Continuum and the stillness practices of Meditation.

Life is always urging us to seek more. Small changes on the surface of our lives may fail to alleviate stagnancy or frustration, and we may need to examine our lives and ourselves more deeply to find the right places to look.

Everything we need for success and joy lies within.

To reach what we wish to access, we must dive below the surface to the deeper parts of ourselves.

The first layer can be found in our minds. Our to-do lists and busywork are usually less important than we think, so we must look past them to examine the thoughts that matter most to us.

The next layer can be found in the sensory.voice of the body which is always calling to us to pay closer attention. It is a part of our way of navigating the world around us.

And our hearts, that place of feelings where past hurts, disappointments, grief, love and pure joy and vulnerabilities, as well as the truth of who and what really stirs the love within us.

It is in the body where we can reconnect with our power, our raw instincts, our organic yeses. Here, at the core, lies our truth. Our fluidity is the foundation of which we have been made, our authentic truest nature.

When we explore ourselves to these depths through sound, movement. curiosity, care and stillness, we find what comes to the surface and what we wish to let go of and keep. When we remember what lies beneath our layers, we can look at what was floating on the surface, and what lays in the depths. This time of exploring self offers a way of navigating the world inside and outside. We can learn, witness and explore how the voice of the body can help us to listen more deeply what currents are below the surface of everyday living for greater clarity and presence.

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