Open Mind ~ Infinite Body ~ A Continuum Immersion

Pilot, VA, USA
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625 Laurel Creek Drive,
Pilot, VA, USA
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Our concretized ideas and theories of what we think we are have become challenged by new revelations and ancient wisdoms merging together and shaping consciousness freshly. Now, we have a different view, a new perspective, a wider lens. We have the opportunity to set aside what we think we know so that we may discover a deeper truth. We have new questions and old questions to ask anew.
Inquiry is the art of curiosity, the essence of evolution, which fundamentally seeks to “innerstand” and flow with continuous change. Inquiry is the foundation and essence of Continuum, an encompassing somatic practice. We are the knowing of ourselves, the very awareness of being. Earth, an exquisite phenomenal reality, offers up her abundance in which we experience through embodiment – perception, sensation, thought, feeling.
Continuum orients us in the process of inquiry and seeks its discoveries through the languages of the body – movement, sound, sensation, breath, attention. This wholistic approach allows for the intelligence of the entire system to respond to the inquiry, to participate in the exploration. Continuum seeks to access the inherent knowing woven in cells, in tissue, in blood and bone. It is a context for experiencing the mystery of lineage, the movement of life force from one generation to the next.
Continuum asks - What is this body for?
In this weekend immersion, we will learn ways to penetrate our preconceived notions of intelligence and embodiment into the rich layers beneath what we already “know”. We will land in a fresh perspective of our body and our being as vessels for multivalent awareness and engagement with an unfolding evolutionary process. We will bring attention to the quantum language guiding Creation - the essence of motion - frequency. Here, we experience ourselves in novelty and freedom, as bodies liberated from judgement, shame, taboo and all manner of unconscious conditioned restraints. Beyond these boundaries, our breath unfurls its wings and the heart opens in unending song.

Friday, March 15, 12:30PM – 5:30PM EST; Saturday, March 16, 9:30AM – 5:30PM EST; Sunday, March 17, 10AM – 3PM EST
Shanti Meditation Hall, Deer Park Farm, Pilot, VA
Tuition: $285 - Early Bird by February 15: $250
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