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Nature is a master of relationship, a design of consciousness unfolding in complexity and specificity through unity. The co-evolution of multiple species and their resulting interdependence has woven the tapestry of inter-being and sustainability. As humans, our rational mind has objectified all that is sacred in Nature and pushed the boundary of individuation to the extreme, disrupting and distorting our organismic relationship with Nature, each other and ourselves. In our curiosity to travel and with the occasional need to relocate, we have shifted our relationship with ancestral connections to the earth. This disconnect is a large part of what has led us to the current dynamic reality we share.

The mutualism inherent in Nature, inherent in all creation, is a portal to understanding our nature and to shifting the flow of individuation into a greater coherency of service to the unity of the whole.

What is Unity? Unity is the felt sense of connection, a deep embodied knowing that all is One. It is beyond the grasp of the mind, as it is a state of being, a living awareness of totality at all dimensions of existence. It is a true resonance within the symphony of sacred belonging. This is a primordial sense of knowing carrying us back to our origins. We discover unity by listening to the song of the world, by merging with that song as part of the immense hive of consciousness humming throughout the Universe.

Continuum is an experiential revelation of our own evolutionary unfolding. As Nature moves, so do we, as Nature breathes, so do we, as Nature sings, so do we. Movement, breath and sound are the simple and elegant tenets of Continuum – a returning to our true nature by becoming Nature. Through the cumulative practice of Continuum, habitual psychological and emotional body armor slowly dissolves, allowing for the luminous being of our animal body to breathe and move freely. A newfound capacity for spaciousness, wonder, compassion and contentment rises to the surface as deep-held fears are alchemized into love. As this more porous and expansive embodiment manifests, so does the felt sense of mutualism with Nature and with the living Universe as it expresses itself through each of us.
In this six-week online course, we will tap into the wisdom of several different species as master mentors of mutualism. Inspired by their vast capacities, we follow the trails and song-lines of the unified field, weaving ourselves into the fullness.

Time: 1 - 3pm EST
Fee: $180

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