Unfolding Embryology Continuum Hybrid Retreat

HYBRID: SE London, UK, & Virtual
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HYBRID: SE London, UK, & Virtual
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“In developing the work of Continuum I have deliberately focused on the analogy of the cell/embryo as representing the movement of basic bio-fluid motifs, whether within the universe or what we call our ‘bodies.'
From this perspective the cell/embryo establishes the template of fluid movement and structure at its most primary level.”
- Emilie Conrad, Life on Land

Four-Day Retreat Series
The embryo is our teacher, embodying fluid dynamics and potential that we may have lost touch with but can access throughout life.

The mindful movement practice of Continuum naturally takes us into fluid states reminiscent of the embryo. Using the gentle breaths, sounding, and often subtle movement of Continuum, we find our tissues melting, our patterns dissolving, our thoughts softening. As we return to our natural fluidity, we can experience embryonic creativity, re-form and emerge renewed, refreshed, and ready for what life presents next.

This 4-day retreat is a special offering from Continuum teachers, Jane Okondo and Cherionna Menzam-Sills, to support those experienced with Continuum to deepen their practice further. The retreat format enables us to deepen further than shorter dives. We can immerse ourselves within our fluid field, either in person or online. Jane will be present to host you in person in London. Cherionna will be attending via Zoom, which you are also welcome to do if in person doesn't work for you.

In this retreat series, we will review embryological development and how it can be relevant for our health and well-being now. We will focus particularly on prenatal developmental milestones from the first four weeks: conception, implantation journey, implantation, and embryo folding. As well as images of how the embryo changes form at each stage, we will consider psychological implications, and how these also might affect our bodies and our lives. These stages will inform our sequence as we prepare to dive deeply together.

We plan to meet each morning at 10:30 a.m. We will take time as needed to check in, teach the sequence, and initiate a dive. We will have an extended dive where we let go of chatting between sessions and being in the Continuum mode of silence, beginning either Friday evening or Saturday and ending at 2 p.m. on Sunday, when we will come back together to share our experiences.

If you feel drawn to a deeply nourishing embryo enquiry and have been practicing Continuum and have had the equivalent of at least 5 days of experience with a Continuum teacher, please feel free to contact us to enroll.

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For more information, please email Cherionna (see contact info below) or Jane:

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