Continuum Mystery School ~ Initiation and Remembrance

Co-Teacher (non-CTA):
Gite La Pierre, 5, Chemin de Bellevue 25440 ECHAY,
Class Language:
English with French translation
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Continuum Mystery School ~ Initiation and Remembrance

6 days immersion between July 15-20 2024 in Echay, France
Emilie Conrad created the Mystery School for Continuum teachers as our cultivated pathway to tend the sacred waters which inspire every aspect of Continuum’s teachings. This is an initiation rite for new teachers and requires the adept skills of Continuum experience. Through our practiced pathways we join our ancestors and the archetypical nature of humanity, opening to remembrance of our place in this cosmic dance of life/death/rebirth. Inside Mystery School, we activate our inherent somatic intelligence through potent alchemical symbols which allow us to participate in the living inquiry of Mystery.

Fingers of mind reaching for a deeper awareness…. an understanding that cannot be named but can be felt and sensed in the holy waters of our being…. What molecules of emotion sense the sacred? What receptor site pathways inspire humanity from time immemorial and through every culture to seek, court, and tend the sacred? To enter, again and again, the waters of revelation, we are reminded and reawakened to our awareness of this precious nutrient which gives meaning to our lives. In ritual space, within a field of Grace, we undulate in the dark expanse. Here, we meet ourselves in sound, in movement, in silence.
Sabine and Gael care deeply about this aspect of Continuum because it changed their lives. They hold the Mystery School rituals as our collective moving prayer to the source-waters. Their mutual passion for this body of work has inspired collaboration since 2019.

Gael Rosewood studied with Ida Rolf, the founder of Rolfing / Structural Integration In 1968. Gael met Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper in 1978 and continued to study with them, becoming a Continuum teacher in 1991. She has taught Rolfing, Rolfing Movement and Continuum, maintaining a practice in these modalities.

Sabine Mead is a Master Somatic Movement Educator and Continuum Teacher, mentored by Emilie Conrad and authorized to teach Continuum in 2007. She has done many years of in-depth study with Susan Harper and continues her own inquiry through innovations of sound, unique weavings of themes and explorations.

Where: Gite «la pierre» 5 chemin de Bellevue 25440 Echay, Jura, France

Closest train station: Besançon Viotte.
Closest airport: Basel-Mulhouse, Bern or Geneva

When: The retreat starts at 9 am on Monday 15th and finishes at 6pm on Saturday 20th.

Arriving on Sunday 14 from 6pm on
Departure on Sunday 21 before 10am

Tuition for the retreat:
500€ for mentees & CTA members & Somanautes
550€ early bird until may 31 2024
600€ after may 31

Costs for food: 156€ for lunch and dinner from Monday to Saturday
Costs for housing (26€ per night): 182€ in shared room of 3 or 4 participants for 7 nights.
Total: 338€

To make your reservation, please send a deposit of 200€ (non refundable) to the souffle cocreateur bank account
IBAN: FR76 4255 9100 0008 0242 2254 242

Registration and information:
(The retreat is limited to 16 registrations, book soon to make sure your place is secure)

For more information, email