Embodiment in a World on Fire: A Reflection Space and Continuum Session

One-day workshop
Berlin, Germany
Co-Teacher (non-CTA):
Berlin, Germany
Class Language:
English and/or German (depending on the needs of the group) - usually primarily English
Virtual class details:
A virtual live event to be watched on-line at a specific time.
Recorded for you to watch at any time.

As wars are raging, the climate is collapsing, and fascists seem to be on the rise again - what exactly are we doing here, rolling around on the floor and tuning into our sensations, breath, and movement?! The privilege of making time and space to play with our fluid bodies can feel self-indulgent and escapist sometimes. At the same time, "turning inwards" can be a resource to help us face and respond to the challenges "out there"; it can be a space to get in touch with and process our grief; especially for marginalized bodies and identities, any simple act of self-care could be seen as political in and of itself.

Rather than trying to provide or find any fixed answers, the first part of this session aims to create a space for reflection and sharing around the question: What is our personal relationship to embodiment practices in a time where the world seems to be breaking apart? There will be space for sharing our hopes and beliefs as well as our questions and doubts.

The second part of the session will be a shared Continuum dive.
Continuum is a somatic practice of self-exploration working with the body as an intelligent and fluid system. Using sound, breath, movement, and imagery, we slow down and open ourselves to new pathways, perceptions, and possibilities, inviting our organism to unwind and self-regulate. We will give ourselves permission to move with anything that may have come up during the first part, to sink into stillness, to rest and listen, to connect with the core of our being; and we will allow our body to become our teacher and guide.

Sunday Nov. 19th, 2023, 2:00-6:00 p.m.
@ Skinship Berlin, S/U Warschauer Straße (exact location upon registration)
Please note: Skinship is a queer-centering space. Everybody is welcome (regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification), as long as you are aware of and respectful of this fact.

Sliding scale: 22-33€ (low income), 33-44€ (standard), 44-55€ (supporter).
No one turned away for lack of funds.

Please register by email.

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