Lineage As Heart's Expression

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I write these words looking at the Parana River of my childhood from my window.

I have been back in Argentina tending to my lineage of origin in many different ways. Being in the South Hemisphere I lose track of the world at large. At the same time, the world has shrunk to a point where events happening anywhere affect the rest of us. The fabric of interconnectedness and interdependence that join us all become more evident and the NO SEPARATION among the different aspects of my life informs me.

I am keenly aware of my challenges of staying in my heart and being present when I return to the land of my ancestors. The expression and feeling of love is unconditional, at the same time being in integrity with myself and the way I express love and care does not flow with ease in many circumstances. I strive too much to fit in and meet what I perceive is needed.

This quote from David Spangler has been my guidance and encompasses the invitation I would like to extend to you:

Don’t strive to make a difference in the world. We all make a difference in our world just by being in it. This is no small thing. We have no way of measuring how a smile, a helpful word, a moment of appreciating someone else’s effort or work, or an act of kindness reverberate outward.

The fact is we can and do make a difference, but the trick is to discover that we do so effortlessly not by striving or setting impossible goals for ourselves to measure our worth but by honoring ourselves and by giving the world the gift of who we are, however modest that might seem to us.

David Spangler, Holding Wholeness (in a challenging world), Pg 14

The world needs each an every one of us now more than ever.
The world is crying for each of our hearts to express fully, with no fear.
We have been given the gift of our heart and its unique beat to make a difference with its one of a kind expression.

The tools I have found most supportive in my explorations are the ways of Continuum as I received them directly from Emilie Conrad, its founder. Her journey of self-discovery and the way she taught us as her unique Heart’s Expression are my Lineage.
~ Slowing down in the accelerated times we live in.
~ Finding ways of using our voice and sounds to increase our connection to sensation to decompress our bodies.
~ Allowing the body to move in a non-linear, internally generated choreography, where engagement and curiosity are the guidelines to restore wholeness and reclaim the pleasure of moving for the sake of moving, like a baby.

Come play with me! Let’s discover together our Lineage as Heart’s Expression and benefit all through our uniqueness.

Immersion includes:
~ 4 Live Continuum Classes via Zoom
Saturdays September 3, 10, 17, 24, 11 am – 1:15 pm PST
Each week we will explore a different theme and the immersion will build week to week. You will receive the sequence to explore prior to the class by email.
~ Inspiration Wednesdays
Midweek you will receive an email with suggestions on how to refine the practice we embarked on Saturday and with related inspirational reading.
~ Tea Time Hour
September 14, Wednesday, 4:30-5:30 pm PST
A time to come together as a group to express questions and share discoveries you experience during the Immersion.
All sessions will be recorded and replay links emailed to participants.

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