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Ground, as we knew it, has changed. I find myself exploring ways of standing and meeting “fluid ground” as the flux of life continues to swirl rapidly around me.

I can let myself easily be swept away by the stormy waves at the surface.

I can loosen my grip slightly, “drop into” the experience of my fluid nature and allow the rhythm of the current below the waves sway me.

I can surrender, dive in to the bottom of my inner ocean, find foundation in the deeper currents, and be supported by their dynamic stillness, which inform all life.

Moving from this all pervading dynamic stillness, “fluid ground” provides me with infinite ways to respond to what is in front of me.

The gatherings we have co-created during our At-Home Continuum Immersions during the past few months have offered the possibility of connecting with a community of dedicated practitioners in the safety of our own homes.

We discovered that by daily touching back into our fluid nature and the resilience inherent in our organisms, we are able to stay present and engaged with all life presents. Regardless of what is in front of us we can navigate it with less stress and more ease, finding the levity always available in our hearts.

Finding resource in the joys of movement, sounding and breathing as done in the legacy of Continuum we can connect with self and the world around us fully trusting and honoring our biological heritage of millions of years of evolution.

Included in Immersion program:

  • 4 Live Continuum Classes via Zoom
    Saturdays September 5, 12, 19, 26, 11 am – 1:15 pm PST
    Each week we will explore a different theme and the immersion will build week to week. You will receive the sequence to explore prior to the class by email.
  • Daily email contact
    With suggestions on how to progress and deepen the sequence we are working with each week, some inspirational quotes and/or video clips to support you during the week and encourage daily practice.
  • Zoom Tea Time Hours
    Wednesdays September 16 & 23, 4:30-5:30 pm PST
    Open meeting room for questions or processing what is emerging during your personal practice.

All sessions will be recorded and replay links emailed to participants.

$77 or $108 for the total Immersion experience
~choose the amount that works best for you

Payment is due by September 2 to participate

Click here for PayPal:
To pay $77 Tuition
To pay $108 Tuition

Using Venmo? Pay $77 or $108 to @Marcella-Bottero

I am well aware how much we have all been affected financially and my intention is to keep the monetary exchange doable for all. If it is challenging for you to meet this price, please email me.

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