Our Animal Teachers: A Continuum Weekend of Embodied Vitality

Wilhelmsaue, Brandenburg, Germany
Co-Teacher (non-CTA):
Wilhelmsaue, Brandenburg, Germany
Class Language:
English and/or German (depending on the needs of the group)
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We can learn a lot from tapping into the embodied wisdom of other species. This weekend workshop will offer ample opportunities to connect with the ancient, raw, and tender animals within ourselves - undulating and wriggling, hissing and clawing, resting and hibernating, shapeshifting and transforming - taking inspiration from winged, tentacle-bearing or furry creatures (amongst others). Through the somatic practice of Continuum, we will play with sound, breath, movement, and embodied imagination, in ways that support us to slow down, rest in the richness of sensation, surrender to fluid movement, and access new layers of our own being and unfolding.

Inviting the qualities of some of our nonhuman siblings can help us to drop underneath our 'cultural anatomy' - going beyond the restrictions of our everyday movement spectrum that is defined by all of the ways in which we have learned to carry our human 'social bodies'. In the space that opens up, we can reconnect with our innermost organismic intelligence, and expand our possibilities for adaptation, fluidity, and creative expression. And when we tap into our shared evolutionary history that connects us with all other life on this planet, we can find a greater sense of embeddedness in the web of life.

Together, we will deepen our sense of aliveness, and enjoy a weekend of play, exploration, movement, and stillness, amid the wintery silence of Oderbruch.

Friday Feb 2nd, 4:00 p.m. - Sunday Feb. 4th, 5:00 p.m.

Seminarhof „An der Mühle“, Wilhelmsaue (1,5-2h from Berlin)
It's a remote, quiet, simple, and charming place in Oderbruch/Brandenburg, close to the Polish border.
Accommodation is basic yet cozy, in (mostly shared) bedrooms and (heatable 😊) caravans. We have a nice movement studio - and a sauna!

We will be a small group of max. 10 participants.
The workshop is suitable for people both with and without previous Continuum experience.

You can choose between paying the standard price or a sliding scale price. This includes the workshop, simple accommodation (mostly shared bedrooms, some singles available), and an optional sauna evening on Saturday.
Standard price:  350€
Sliding Scale Price*: 190-290€ (low income) / 290-390€ (regular income) / 390-490€ (comfortable income/supporter)

* I offer a broad sliding scale because we all live with different financial realities and are able to contribute different amounts. I want to keep the workshop financially accessible to anyone who feels called to join, while also aiming to make it sustainable for myself, and valuing the many hours of loving prep work I pour into creating this space. I trust you to choose a contribution that feels fair and appropriate.

- One scholarship spot available for someone who would otherwise not be able to join for financial reasons (suggested sliding scale 50-150€). If you are interested, email me before Dec. 31st with a few sentences about why you would like to join.

We will prepare most of our meals collectively, and share the cost for groceries (probably around 30€ for the weekend) - both in order to keep costs low, and to support an atmosphere of co-creating our experience of the weekend together.

If you have any questions, email Jo at

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