Spiraling through Birth

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“I see our “bodies” formed by the liquid of our first cradle. Our early watery environment shapes and gives us its secret. This is our first home, our “primordial field”. The fluid in our cells is our birthplace, our memory of the creative matrix in which all life is summoned.”

Emilie Conrad, Life on Land, p. 315

Dear Friends in the Fluid Fluid,

Despite the unusual amount of rainy cold weather we have had in CA, Spring is definitely in the air!

Places where, for the many years of drought we have endured, the earth was barren and dry, I witness now the joy and greenery of having received the “elixir of love”, WATER!

There is NO doubt we all thrive in a watery medium. Our coming into this particular form we call a body begins in the watery space of mother. If we are fortunate we choose spiraling through the birth canal to begin our journey on Earth.

“I tell you that we are thousands of wave motions that converge to form what is now being called a “body”. Water is the medium of our deliverance. Form travels through us, leaving its bio-morphic imprint. The intelligence of unfolding form is encoded in our system.“

Emilie Conrad, Life on Land, pp. 291/2

I invite you to join us in May to explore Spiraling through Birth with the incredible tools Continuum offers.

In Continuum we use sounds to ignite our inner waters. Our hands caress our skin bringing forth sensations that have been forgotten or silenced by imprints. We honor every single breath with no agenda or expectations. We allow ourselves to be moved by the life force that spiraled us into creation. We develop a new vocabulary of movement encoded by the waters we come from.

We slow down enough to merge with the watery medium of our embryonic development. We re-member our origins. We begin to make peace and integrate our history with a wider perspective, embracing ALL the spirals of life we have traversed in our journey.

My intention is to open the space to explore how from the vastness of space we begin the process of spiraling into a more condensed, organized and recognizable organism.

Please join me for these 4 weeks in May!! Being in discovery and inquiry with friends that value in-body explorations have proven to be the best medicine I can find for meeting the turbulent and uncertain times we live in.


Each Immersion includes:

  • 4 Live Continuum Classes via Zoom
    Saturdays 11 am – 1:15 pm PST
    Each week we will explore a different theme and the immersion will build week to week. You will receive the sequence to explore prior to the class by email.
  • Inspiration Wednesdays
    Midweek you will receive an email with suggestions on how to refine the practice we embarked on Saturday and with related inspirational reading.
  • All sessions will be recorded and replay links emailed to participants.

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