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Dear Friends in the Fluid Field,

Happy 2023! May this year expand our hearts and minds to recognize and pay homage to the incredible beauty that surrounds us in Nature and in every single human being.

During the first few days of this year I had the immense good fortune of being in the Mojave desert, close to Joshua Tree, witnessing rain and the many rainbows emerging from it that moved me to tears of joy and awe.

Being with the clouds and the way they move with the wind. Being with the rain and the way it touches the Earth with force yet satiating the thirst desert land has. Being with the rainbows appearing shyly at first and becoming brighter and deeper in the unabashed display of their beauty and luminosity.
From this place of reverence and repose I reflected on how my life, in unison with Nature has never followed a straight, linear path.

Everything, everything unfolds in and from spirals. I feel inspired to go deeper into the inquiry of how the Spirals of Life have influenced me from before conception and have brought me to where I am today.

I find the teachings of Continuum, developed by Emilie Conrad, to be the perfect springboard to launch into this exploration. Her insatiable commitment to teach movement from a biological perspective guided by the teachings of water has allowed me to in-body the spiralic nature of life.

The sounds we use in Continuum ignite my inner waters as I listen and follow how they yearn to express. My hands touching and caressing my skin augment my awareness of my inner ocean as I allow myself to be guided with no effort into a language of movement not familiar yet nourishing beyond words. Honoring each breath with no agenda teaches me how to be in the moment embracing all and pushing nothing away.

I invite you to join me in the Spirals of Life Series for 4 At-Home Continuum Immersions in 2023. Having a dedicated core group of practitioners like we did last year allowed for all of us to go deeper into the Mystery. We created a very strong container for newer students to join in and receive the benefits Continuum offers.

Each immersion can be taken separately or you can participate in all 4 immersions of the Spirals of Life Series as a year-long adventure.

As I get ready to spiral back to my country of origin, Argentina, and immerse myself in the spirals of family life and ancestry I look forward to diving together upon my return.

May we all be safe, healthy and spiraling through 2023 with curiosity and playfulness.


SPIRALS OF LIFE Series ~ 2023 Continuum Immersions

Investment Options:
SPIRALS OF LIFE Year-Long Adventure ~ All 4 Immersions:
$360 by February 14, 2023 or $444 after

Spiraling into Creation, March 4-25, 2023
Single Immersion: $120 by February 14, 2023 or $140 after

Spiraling through Birth, May 6-27, 2023
Single Immersion: $120 by April 21, 2023 or $140 after

Spiraling through Being, July 8-29, 2023
Single Immersion: $120 by June 23, 2023 or $140 after

Spiraling into Transition, September 9-30, 2023
Single Immersion: $120 by August 25, 2023 or $140 after

Each Immersion includes:
4 Live Continuum Classes via Zoom
Saturdays 11 am – 1:15 pm PST
Each week we will explore a different theme and the immersion will build week to week. You will receive the sequence to explore prior to the class by email.
Inspiration Wednesdays
Midweek you will receive an email with suggestions on how to refine the practice we embarked on Saturday and with related inspirational reading.
All sessions will be recorded and replay links emailed to participants.

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