Streaming the Three Anatomies

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Streaming the Three Anatomies
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Deep in the bones of Continuum is the concept of Three Anatomies – Cultural, Primordial and Cosmic – as a kind of blueprint of our human experience. We are the flow of these threads of experience. We are constantly referencing in and through our culture and its values, morals and traditions; our primordial nature as an evolutionary creature of this earth; and our cosmic, eternal and multidimensional nature. While each of us maintains a unique balance of these references, our cultural anatomy has been the prevailing source of self-determination.

At this rarified moment in our current collective, we are each being given an opportunity to pause and drop below the perpetual drone of cultural habits and patterns to remember and reunite with our primordial and cosmic nature. If we can allow ourselves to rediscover this elemental nature of being, a whole new landscape of possibility emerges. As we find and follow our nature underneath the layers of cultural conditioning, we open portals of imagination previously untapped. These gateways of imagination upswell ideas and creativity, and move us into our birthright of authentic sovereignty. Here, presence moves into the foreground of unfolding experience, as we come into the full flow of these three streams of being. Perhaps by swimming in the rivers of our cosmic and primordial references, we can inform and birth a new cultural expression, one reflecting the deeper truth of our complete blueprint.

Continuum opens and supports the flow of these threads of being, weaving them in seamless integration through the movement of breath, sound, attention, sensation and body. Our perceptual field expands as our self-reference shifts to an interior rather than exterior orientation. We become the changing landscape of reality witnessing the world with fresh perspective, reclaiming the full scope of our entire anatomy.

In this series, we will flesh out the warp and woof of these three streams of being, parsing out and folding back in a new, broader lens and understanding. Each class offers content, an experiential dive, questions and discussion. All classes are recorded and the link is emailed within 24 hours. Students can participate live or wait and watch the video recording when convenient.

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