The Body Cathedral ~ Architecture of Water, Light & Vibration

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The Body Cathedral ~  Architecture of Water, Light & Vibration
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Enter the holy realm of your body.
Here is the house of spirit, the domain of your soul. In this Cathedral, resonance rings the bells of your belonging.
You are a weaving of water, of light and of song.
Re-enter the temple gates and place your hands on the drum of your heart. Rest along the river banks of your back and sink into the waters of your fluid midline. Notice how the tide of your breath unfurls, opening room upon room, chamber within chamber. Feel the waves that ripple through your inner sea and spread into the great lakes of your legs, open the tributaries of your arms. Behold the luminous light beaming from the great sun of your heart.
This is a journey through our sacred architecture. In this class we will re-imagine our preconceived notions of body and enter afresh with
curiosity and awe. We will explore skeletal, membrane, tissue and gland. We will take up residence in the community of the belly, in the brilliant solar field of the heart, in the celestial vault of the cranium. We will rediscover our feet, our root, our hands. Here, every movement is prayer, every sound is blessing. Here, we surrender the incessant thoughts of mind into the song of Being.
In the Cathedral of our body, we find our axis and alignment, establishing firm footing in the truth of our authentic knowing. Continuum is our art and tool for experiential gnosis. Movement, sound/vibration, felt sensation, attention and breath are guides and teachers for our journey.
Each class will focus on a different aspect of architecture. Every class will consist of content, a laying out and teaching of an experiential Continuum dive, time to practice the dive and a check in. All classes are on Zoom, recorded and uploaded to Dropbox.
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8 - week online course, Bi-monthly
Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:30PM EST; 5:30 – 7:30PM CST; 4:30 – 6:30PM MST; 3:30 – 5:30PM PST
March 29
April 12 & 26
May 10 & 24
June 7 & 21
Tuition: $275

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