We Are The Stars ~ Somatic Explorations of Our Cosmic Origins

Highland Park, NJ, USA
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Highland Park, NJ, USA
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For many epochs we have studied the heavens, tracking the movements of stars and planets as a way to reach into the macrocosm and make meaning of our human experience. The constantly changing geometry of the night sky offers us a personal reflection, a way of orienting ourselves in a dynamic context of ongoing involutionary and evolutionary cycles within cycles.

Astrology is an ancient and evolving art of mapping and interpreting the relationship with and felt experience of the movements of heavenly bodies as they interact with us individually and collectively. We are a living cosmic dance, expressing in and through the many dimensions of reality - learning, growing and evolving as one universal symphony. The planets and the twelve zodiac archetypes reflect the complexity and multivalent nature of this choreography.

In this course, we will explore and discover the universe within, mapping our own cosmic body. Through embodied astrology, the planets are reclaimed as the living beings they are. The planets, no longer objectified, become a living source wisdom. This is all woven into a Continuum Dive, a nonverbal, somatic experience of these cosmological energies. Dropping well below cognition and critical thinking, we tap the intuitive body wisdom inherent in the language of movement and sound.

Continuum is a self-directed somatic practice grounded in breath, felt sensation, attention, movement and sound/vibration. Through the wide aperture of this innovative approach to embodiment, fuller incarnation is made possible. The landscape of the body becomes the skyscape of the stars. Outer reflects inner and inner reflects outer. It is here where eternity meets time, where form meets emptiness, where Heaven and Earth are One.

Sabine Mead is a registered somatic movement educator and Continuum Teacher. Her origins in movement improvisation and dance set the tone for a life of movement inquiry. After many years of in-depth studies in somatic modalities and teaching yoga since 1994, Sabine was introduced to Continuum in 2003 and mentored with Emilie Conrad throughout the remainder of Emilie’s life. Sabine, authorized in 2007 by Emilie, is now a founding member of Continuum Teachers Association. Living the art of Continuum while innovating and creating an array of inquiries has been her life’s path. WE ARE THE STARS is a passionate fusion of decades of study of Astrology with Continuum.

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Saturday, March 18 11AM – 5PM Sunday, March 19 10AM – 5PM
Tuition: $275

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