Wild Heart of Imagining

Co-Teacher (non-CTA):
Michael Molin-Skelton
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Virtual class details:
A virtual live event to be watched on-line at a specific time.
Recorded for you to watch at any time.

In this 5-day online retreat, we participate in a multi-faceted movement range where we dance wildly and tenderly, fiercely and freely, deepen through ritual, and explore intrinsic movement.

Using the movement practices of Soul Motion and Open Floor, let’s ignite our passions and appetite for being. We will root when dancing alone to satisfy our hunger for silence and solitude. We will reach when engaging with another to satiate our hunger for connection and communion. We will rise when weaving the threads of our humanity to meet our hunger for belonging and community. We will radiate in all directions of our lives to cultivate and stimulate our hunger for spirit and the mystery.

In the inquiry style of Continuum, enter the sacred gateway of the body in primordial sounding and fluid movement. Deepen in the nourishing gifts of the elemental intelligences and the wild and subtle beauty that lives within. Attune to the generative mystery that reveals the gifts that live in your unique heart stream.

This is the time of soulfully re-imagining how we are living and relating. With wild-hearted imagining, we dissolve stale maps and old ways set out by others. We refine and recover what it means to be fully alive. Come deepen your connection to heartfelt imagination and love to guide your way.

Event Format
Each day (except the 4-hour session Monday morning) we will have two sessions. Michael will inspire us through spoken word, invite us to move at the speed of trust and self-acceptance, and open co-creative rituals to remember and re-create ourselves. Through inspirational principles and experiential instructions, Susan guides meditative, perceptual explorations, and an extended Continuum dive (no need to look at a screen.)

There will be time for questions and answers to refine the process of our soulful inquiry and for sharing our experiences. We will also make use of breakout rooms for paired exercises and smaller group dialogues.

This retreat is for those who can take the whole time to attend all sessions. This is an opportunity for you to have deep soul time for reflection, contemplation and transformation. If you need to miss a session please view the recording as soon as you can. Recordings will be provided only for those who attend this live event and will be available for review for 6 months.

This intensive is for those new to Continuum and Soul Motion, as well as those with decades of experience.

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